The process of generating an graphic or identity in the minds of shoppers is known as positioning. It truly is quite crucial to travel and tourism locations simply because it helps make your location far more attractive to customers than other related places.

The method of positioning entails market positioning, psychological positioning, and positioning techniques.

Step one: Market Positioning

In this action, you select a concentrate on market place phase (market segmentation), which is possibly the team of folks that you currently are observing at your location. But if you need new clients, you might want to search at other feasible segments, and focus on them. For illustration, if you usually have family members at your vacation spot, you could concentrate on wealthy retirees as a new supply of company.

Now that you’ve selected a concentrate on market, you need to have to discover all about them. What do they like to do whilst on getaway? What do they want from a destination? Make use of surveys and concentrate teams to reply these queries and learn a lot more about your target industry. Funds spent on that now will be effectively put in. Punta Cana activities will not want to squander marketing dollars afterwards on marketing the wrong message to your focus on audience. Make sure you locate out what the right concept will be, and will not guess.

The other issue you want to find out from your target market is how they currently perceive your spot. What benefits do they think your spot offers? What beliefs do they presently have about your spot? Are any of them adverse? If so, what are they? You will need to have to counter people beliefs in your new placement.

Step: 2 Psychological Positioning

Now that you understand your concentrate on viewers, you can put that details jointly with your organization objectives and figure out what you will talk to the marketplace segment that will plant the proper graphic in their minds about your vacation spot.

You can use physical characteristics if they are unique. For illustration, Westin Hotels positioned alone with their sector-modifying “Heavenly Mattress” slogan. As the 1st resort to provide quality mattresses and bedding, they experienced a special bodily attribute.

Stage three: Positioning Techniques

one) Head to Head Approach: Not advisable for most travel and tourism businesses, but it can be accomplished. It truly is much more very likely that you will:

two) Relate By yourself to Marketplace Chief: If you cannot lick ’em, be a part of ’em! Avis Vehicle Rentals did this with their slogan “We try more difficult.” Marriott, Hilton and Radisson have all used this strategy too, including quality beds to their offerings, thus hitching a journey on Westin’s gravy prepare.

3) Value Price: Not to be mistaken for least expensive cost, which is generally avoided because buyers relate lower price to lower high quality. Situation for very best benefit alternatively, utilizing this strategy.

four) Customers and Characteristics: Affiliate your journey location with a team of individuals, or with the factors they might appear to your spot.

five) Spot Course: Can you associate by yourself with a special encounter? Maybe you are a tour operator that provides tours to the dropped town of Atlantis. (If so, you should speak to me, I want to come…but you get the idea.)


You are now properly established up to position by yourself for greatest aggressive edge. Do bear in head other factors that may possibly affect your place, this kind of as area, economics, politics, and life style modifications. Go for the gold and appreciate a situation as marketplace chief for your goal market place phase.